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                個人悼念-學者 正文
                • Thank you for the very sad news of the passing of Professor Zhang Kaiyuan. I remember well the honour he brought to our meetings in 2015, in his wise remarks and the courteous philosophy that came with him. I have been able to read his biographical details on the web-site, which mentions his birth on 8 July 1926, his long association with Huazhong Normal University and the titles of his two books in English that are held in many scientific libraries. My son, Richard, (whose 60th birthday was clebated in March) and Mrs Bradley wish to join in this message to you.

                  We take this opportunity of sending our best wishes both to Professor Ma and to the Central China Normal University Wollongong Joint Institute.

                  Yours sincerely,

                  Anthony Bradley

                  英國愛丁堡大學Anthony Bradley教授(Anthony Bradley教授的外祖父潘雅德(Arthur Bonsey)是漢口博學書院的校長,其家族同我校歷⌒史有著深厚的淵源。1924年,博ω 學書院大學部(正科)與博文」書院的大學部、武昌文華大學合∩並,成立ω 華中大學,即我校前身。)Bradley教授一家2015年5月來訪我校。